As an international forwarding company our business is arranging the movement of freight to and from locations worldwide with a special emphasis on the Far East, Middle East and Africa. We aim to provide customers with a quality service at a competitive price regardless of the transport mode. Our international services are linked via a global network of forwarding agents who are like us, dedicated to giving a first class, efficient and personal service tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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Cargo Insurance

Failure to insure your goods could result in a heavy loss.

In our experience many companies and individuals who arrange for their goods to be shipped abroad, fail to take account of the consequences should their property be damaged or even lost in transit. The vast majority of cargo does arrive at destination intact and it is extremely rare for cargo to be lost completely. However, if your goods do by chance suffer such a misfortune, there is no guarantee of a recovery against the carrier and even if a recovery is successful, it is often not for the full value of the cargo. This is because the law sets limits on the compensation carriers are required to pay under international transport Conventions. For these reasons and for peace of mind, it is worth insuring your goods for their full value and World Express Freight can arrange this for you on written instructions, through our open marine insurance policy at a reasonable cost. We can arrange insurance for most kinds of goods to most destinations in the world but, there are some exceptions.
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Packing Services

Professional packing will ensure your goods arrive in sound condition.

From fine arts and personal effects to machinery and out of gauge pieces or, from automobiles and motorbikes to sensitive electronic equipment World Express Freight can arrange to have your goods suitably packed for transport by Air, Sea or Surface modes. Regardless of the nature of the goods we will arrange to have them packed in the most appropriate manner taking into account the journey they will be undertaking and the packing regulations in the country of destination. We can arrange to wrap your personal and household effects and load them in containers at your premises or, return them wrapped and boxed for loading at our warehouse facility. Special collections from London's leading auction houses, galleries and stores are a regular requirement. We also arrange the packing of Dangerous Goods and issue the relevant documentation including IATA Dangerous Goods Certificate and TREM cards. Our packers hold an extensive stock of UN approved inner and outer receptacles enabling them to cope with most types of hazardous cargo.

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